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  • Trusted Timely Computing Base (TTCB)

    • A secure component used to support intrusion-tolerant protocols (implemented by me and Pedro Martins). See my 2002 EDCC and SRDS papers or my PhD thesis.

  • Dependable Tuple Space (DepSpace)

    • An intrusion-tolerant coordination service (implemented by Alysson Bessani, Eduardo Alchieri, and others). See our EuroSys 2008 paper.

  • Detector of integEr vulnerabilitiEs in softwarE Portability (DEEEP)

    • A static analysis tool that finds integer vulnerabilities caused by problems when porting code from 32 to 64 bit processors (implemented by Iberia Medeiros). See our SINO 2007 paper (in Portuguese)

  • Randomized Intrusion-Tolerant Asynchronous Services (RITAS)

    • A toolkit of intrusion-tolerant randomized agreement protocols (implemented by Henrique Moniz). See our 2006 DSN and SRDS papers.

  • MinBFT, MinZyzzyna, Spinning and EBAWA

    • Asynchronous Byzantine fault-tolerant state machine replication (BFT) algorithms that are minimal and efficient in WANs (implemented by Giuliana S. Veronese).

  • php parser

    • A Java parser for PHP 5.3 that is the core of WAP (implemented by Ibéria Medeiros).

  • DepSky - cloud-of-clouds storage

    • A programming library that implements the DepSky cloud-of-clouds replication algorithms. These algorithms use Byzantine quorum systems together secret sharing and erasure codes to spread data in a diverse set of clouds ensuring provider fault tolerance and confidentiality (implemented by Alysson Bessani, Bruno Quaresma and Fernando André).

  • SCFS cloud-backed file system

    • SCFS is a cloud-backed file system that provides strong consistency even on top of eventually-consistent cloud storage services. Its build on top of FUSE, thus providing a POSIX-like interface. SCFS provides also a pluggable backend that allows it to work with a single cloud or with a cloud-of-clouds. (implemented by Ricardo Mendes and Tiago Oliveira).

  • WAP - automatic Web Application Protection (OWASP project)

    • A tool that searches for vulnerabilities in web applications written in PHP using static source code analysis and data mining, then inserts fixes for the vulnerabilities found (implemented by Ibéria Medeiros).

  • Shuttle intrusion recovery service for PaaS clouds

    • Shuttle is a service that allows cloud consumers to recover from intrusions in their cloud applications. It combines a record-and-replay approach with the elasticity provided by cloud offerings to recover applications deployed on various instances and backed by distributed databases. (implemented by Dário Nascimento).


Besides LASIGE's and GSD's distributed computing testbeds, we frequently run experiments at Emulab, PlanetLab, and Amazon AWS. My warm thanks to the promoters of those platforms.


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