Research grant: "NVM-ready: Data structures and programming abstractions for the non-volatile memory revolution"


One research grant BI-L is now available in project UID/CEC50021/2013 funded by FCT/MEC through national funds and where appropriate co-financed by FEDER, under the new partnership agreement PT2020.

The activity will be supervised by João Barreto, Assistant Professor at Lisbon University, researcher at INESC-ID Lisboa. The grantee will be integrated at INESC-ID Alameda (Lisbon, Portugal) in the Distributed Systems Group at INESC ID Lisbon (

Duration: 12 months from 1/October/2016

The grant may be renewed up to 3 years. Renewal is subject to suitable performance.

The monthly amount of the grant 745€ (net) is in accordance with the values stipulated in the “Regulations for Research Grants of the Foundation for Science and Technology” in force ( ( and INESC-ID Lisboa Grant Regulations approved by FCT, and shall be rendered through a monthly bank transfer to an account held by the grantee.

Work plan

In general, the grant will pursue advances beyond the current state-of-the-art in system support for the emerging Non-Volatile Memories (NVM). Within different abstractions, the grant will foster the design and evaluation of novel algorithms and implementations, considering all layers of the system stack - from the operating system, languages and runtime support, to applications.

More precisely, the grant will focus on:

- Designing, verifying and evaluating NVM-aware data structures and algorithms. Priority will be given to the most prominent data structures that used in in-memory big data storage and computing platforms, such as the most important indexing data structures (including B+Trees, Adaptive Radix Trees and Hash Tables).

- Using the devised persistent data structures in the context of highly concurrent and energy-constrained systems. The adoption of transactional memory – and, more specifically, hardware transactional memory – to ensure that goal will also be studied.

Eligible Candidates

The candidate should have finished or be engaged in a computer science engineering degree or higher, and have prior experience and skills on system programming, computer architectures and concurrent programming in C/C++.

Candidates already holding an MSc in computer science or about to get that degree in the next months: once the candidate has obtained the MSc degree, there is the possibility of upgrading from the BI-L grant (745€/month, net) to a new BI-M grant (980€/month) to be made available through a competitive call for applications.

Aplication dates

From 8/September/2016 to 23/September/2016

Further information (evaluation criteria, documents to submit)

For more information, consult the following link: